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We hope that you love our products as much as we love making them for you! Everything we do is personally done by us for you! Which means quality is never compromised. We personally stitch the items, pack the boxes, and deliver them to the post office. Since we have launched Gospel Brand a lot of people have asked us about ordering in larger quantities. Whether it be for an event coming up, or to have our items for sale in their church, the local coffee shop, or boutique. Whatever your reason is we want to partner with you! 

Go ahead and send us an email at telling us a little about yourself, your business/church, and what you would love to have our product for!

Generally wholesale cost would be 50% of retail value with a minimum order of 50. So, if we charge $24 you would only pay $12! Be sure to send us an email so we can discuss pricing in more detail and maybe come to a solution that works best for both of us! 

Thank you! 

Jonathan + Rachael



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