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About us

Hi! We are the Steudemans! Jon and Rachael to be exact, and we got married July 16th, 2016. That’s important because well, we soon found that we had a lot of passions as two people, but we didn’t have many together; other than Jesus, and loving each other. We wanted to do something as a couple that was world changing. Something that made both of us excited to do together. Jon is passionate about a lot of things, but he is great at coming up with ideas! He loves to bowl, and play video games. He is an innovative, go-getter, and he will make just about everything that comes to his mind happen. Rachael is passionate about worship, loves to write, and mentoring women. She is creative, insightful, and needs Jon’s go-getter mentality to make things a reality. We both love people, and are incredibly extroverted. So, together we make a really amazing team. We just didn’t have much that we felt like we could do as a team that excited both of us.


The idea of “Gospel Brand” was born from that place. Jon had been wanting to start a small business for months, but we just didn’t know what we would do, or what it would be called. Jon has worked at his family embroidery business for the last eleven years. While working there he has helped dozens of people create designs for their own apparel lines. He was inspired to start something of his own that would not only provide the opportunity to use the skills he’d acquired, but also be impactful for the Kingdom of God. After a month or two had passed Jon came to me and said, “what do you think about calling it Gospel Brand?” right away I knew that was it, that was our business’ name.


The vision behind the brand, behind us, is that we want to be disciples who make disciples. Mark 16:15 says this, “And he said to them, “Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation.” That’s what we want to accomplish, that’s what we were called to do. We also realize, and live in the tension of how do we do that? How can we start a conversation with someone about faith? It’s awkward sometimes, and uncomfortable. I think God intended it to be that way, it forces us to rely on Him, and His spirit. We really believe that God is asking us to use our gifts of creativity, and our special skill sets to help you do what you were called to do. To be bold, and to be unashamed of the gospel. What better way to do that than to put a simple shirt, hat, hoodie, etc. on that starts the conversation for you?


The gospel isn’t old news, it’s good news, it never goes out of style, and it’s never irrelevant. Your testimony is “good news”, so share it. Be bold, be courageous, be real, and let your light shine. That’s what this is about, that’s why Gospel Brand was created. It’s our mission, and our vision to help you heed the call in Mark 16:15. To cause you to be stretched, and grown for the glory of God so that the world may know Him, and love Him because of you. 

Now, go find your courage!

Jonathan + Rachael



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