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Lou Roots // Pray for the Lou

St Louis, the Gateway City, our roots, our home.

There’s a lot happening in St. Louis, deep in the roots of this great city. The heartbeat of our city is stronger than ever, and justice and unity groan out begging to be heard. We are listening, we are interceding, we are acting. Revival is coming to St. Louis, and we are doing our part in bringing Heaven to earth. This collection is our way of making an impact in our city.

Join us as we link arms with Kurt Wilson (Freedom Rising) where all 79 neighborhoods of STL are covered in prayer, at the same time. We will join together as one body, one city, and one voice to lift up the name of Jesus, and cover our neighborhoods in prayer. Pray For The Lou Day is happening on March 14, 2020 we want you to be apart of this history making moment so for more information click here:

$10 of every sale goes directly back into this mission, and supporting our friends Kurt Wilson at Freedom Rising.



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